5 Destinations for Watersport Holidays

5 Destinations for Watersport Holidays

5 Destinations for Watersport Holidays

For many of us, a holiday means jetting off to a tropical beach where we can put our feet up, relax in the sun, and generally do as little as possible. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with such a holiday. We all deserve a little break now and then. However, some people want more and crave thrills and excitement.

If that sounds like you, a watersports holiday could be your perfect getaway. Watersports are exciting, can be enjoyed by the full family, and they keep you fit. What’s more, you’ll be in some truly stunning locations. We’ve put together a list of our top watersports holiday destinations. Check it out below.

Costa Rica

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Its tropical climate and stunning coastlines, which look out over both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, mean it’s one of the most picturesque countries on earth, and it attracts huge tourist numbers all year round.

There are plenty of options for watersports in the country, with Costa Rica waterskiing particularly popular. Visit this incredible country and spend time in its crystal clear waters for an unforgettable holiday.


Few countries are as famous for their beach culture as Australia. This enormous island has one of the longest coastlines in the world, and its waters are renowned for how perfect they are for surfing, waterskiing, and various other water sports.

There are simply too many beaches in Australia to count, but some of the most popular include Whitehaven Beach, Wineglass Bay, Bondi Beach, and Mindil Beach.


Croatia has been something of an underrated destination for a number of years, but recently more and more people have started to realise just how incredible this country is and how many fantastic watersports opportunities it offers.

Croatia looks out onto the Adriatic Sea, a section of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s truly one of the world’s most stunning sights, perfect for taking to the water and enjoying yourself. The coastal cities of Split and Dubrovnik are ideal destinations.


Located to the west of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is famed for its wonderful climate, rich culture, and warm, welcoming people.

With such a large coastline, looking over the Atlantic, it’s no surprise that Portugal has long been a destination of choice for beachgoers. The Algarve region’s beaches are particularly popular, a must-visit for any travellers in the country.


The final entry on our list might be something of a surprise. Scotland isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when we think of a beach holiday, but for water sports fans, there are few places like it.

While you may not get the heat and sun like the other entries on our list, Scotland offers a thrilling adventure surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Its waters can be choppy and intense, but you’ll also be able to find incredible, remote beaches that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean.


Use this list to plan your next trip and have the perfect watersports holiday!